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Welcome to WST SPORTS!

As you navigate our website, you will find "step specific" HELP links throughout the system. Just click onto the link for help with the specific step you are performing. In this section, we have included general questions and answers regarding our site and service. If you are still unclear on any issue, please call 410-923-2070 Monday - Friday, 9:00 am - 5:00 pm EST and we will be happy to help you! Enjoy the site!

How do I book all my group's rooms?
To book a hotel for your group or team, you must FIRST be a REGISTERED USER in our system. To register your E-Mail address, click on the small red-tab login tab at the top of the home page. Enter you E-Mail address under NEW USER and follow the prompts. This is FREE. Once you have registered and VERIFIED your E-Mail address, simply go to the hotel you want and click on the "Book Now" button located by the hotel and follow the prompts! There will be help keys like this all along the way!
I have an "event code" how do I use it?
First of all, DO NOT LOG IN! Very simply, enter your event code into the blank "event code" box at the left top of the website and click "Go"! This will take you to the hotel or hotels your group leader booked for your group or team. From here, you may click the "book now" button, follow the prompts and book your room! If you need more than one room, you must repeat the process. Don't forget to read the terms and conditions of your booking by clicking the BLUE hotel name link. Here you may read about the hotel's terms and conditions and individual cancellation policy. YOU are responsible to make any necessary changes or cancellations. WST SPORT does not handle these changes. Immediately after booking your room, check your email for your confirmation letter sent from WST SPORTS. This letter will contain a LINK that will permit you to make any changes or cancellations you need.
PLEASE DO NOT DELETE this email until after you have made your final changes!
Why should I book my rooms through WST SPORTS?
WST SPORTS can help you find future tournaments or hotels near wherever you are playing. By booking your rooms with us, you are actually booking your rooms on line, in real time! Mistakes are minimized because YOU book the rooms, get written confirmation of what YOU booked and YOU submit the rooms to the hotel YOURESELF! It only takes minutes and we provide you with the convenience of doing it anytime you want! No more middlemen, just the most advanced web vehicle designed for group hotel bookings! As a registered user, you will now receive E-Mails of future tournament announcements that pertain directly to your level of play! Nobody has a hotel group-booking engine like ours!


WST SPORTS features periodic incentive programs!
Call our office today at 410-923-2070 and see what we're offering this month!

How do I become a part of the WST SPORTS mailing list and receive free tournament announcements?
Simply register and verify your E-Mail address under "login" and "New User".
We will never "sell" or give out your address. We will only E-Mail Tournament or Event Announcements to your address!
Does WST SPORTS only work with certain hotels or can they book me anywhere?
We work with ALL hotels and believe you have the RIGHT to stay in ANY hotel you want to. As a member of the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF COMMISSIONED TRAVEL AGENTS, we are entitled to receive the lowest group hotel rates available! Our goal is to provide you with a hotel that fits all your needs at the lowest possible rate! To that end we will provide you with pictures and descriptions of the hotels in the area you are considering! This should give you enough information to allow you to make a good informed decision about the hotel!
Who pays WST SPORTS?
WST SPORTS is a proud member of the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF COMMISSIONED TRAVEL AGENTS. As a member, we receive a standard travel agent commission paid by the hotels. We will never add undisclosed rebates or kick backs to our hotel rates! We have no secrets and would be happy to answer any questions you may have. We want you booked at the lowest rates available!
How do I access all the bookings I do with WST SPORTS?
Once you register and verify your E-Mail address, you can simply log in and go to the home page. Scroll down the left side of the page until you see "My Reservations". Click on this link and it will take you to a listing of all your bookings. Simply click on view for the booking you wish to see and it will display that reservation. From here you may begin work, continue working or just scroll down and view your room list.
Should we wait until we are accepted to make our hotel reservation?
Look through the hotels we are offering and read their Terms and Conditions. The majority of hotels will allow you a period of time to cancel your rooms without penalty. As long as you are within that time period you will not have any problem. Therefore, check the hotels and go ahead and make your reservations as soon as you apply to the tournament. In reality, the great majority of tournaments accept most of the teams that apply.
I'm a Hotel, how do I access the room lists and post the confirmation numbers for the clients to see?
Just log into the website with your username, and password and scroll down the left side of the home page until you get to "My Hotels". Click on the link and it will take you to "My Hotel Booking Summary". This will give you a view of all the bookings you currently have. Please keep in mind that you may have more bookings than are displayed because the room lists are not yet due. From here you can click "Edit" or "Room list". If you click "Room list" you will see your completed room list with credit cards. If you click "Edit" you will be able to enter the confirmation numbers for each reservation! When you click submit, the client will be able to view the confirmations you have entered! Any reservations noted in red will be "changed" reservations. Cancellations will be noted, as "Cancelled" and E-Mail notifications will be sent accordingly. Please monitor your E-Mail Carefully!
AS a Hotel, won't I find all the room list changes confusing?
No! As former hotel managers, we realize what you have to go through! All changes to room lists will be saved during the day, dated, and sent out just prior to 12:00AM. You will receive all the changes made during the day all at one time and noted in RED. As the check in date approaches and your individual cancellation policies take effect, changes and cancellations will not be allowed unless made directly with your property by phone!
I don't know the exact number of rooms I need. Can I give you the highest number and drop some if we don't need them?
We would prefer that you give us the most realistic number possible. Granted, you should error on the high side but "wishful" thinking can only hurt everyone involved. If you are booking for multiple teams and find out you don't need all the rooms, please call us immediately. If you need more rooms than expected, call us and we'll try to accommodate your request.
Why are some events listed in large letters with logos and some are just small listings?
We want to provide you with as many events to choose from as possible. The Events listed in large letters with logos have requested that we work directly with them to list their events and handle their housing needs. These events are trying to provide you with fair competition and the best prices and service. They recognize how important a housing service can be to a tournament and want you to receive the best possible service! The events we list in small letters are generally located in areas where we have extremely good hotel relationships and feel you could do very well by booking through us. We will not list Events that restrict your hotel choices. You have the right to stay wherever you want to stay! Freedom of Choice?
Suppose another member of our team knows about a hotel that WST SPORTS didn't mention?
Call and tell us the name of the hotel and we'll book it for you! It will be easier to book through us than even calling the hotel direct!
What is a rooming list and why do I have to send one?
A rooming list is a list of all the individuals from your organization that require rooms and qualify for a Group Rate! The hotel needs a rooming list in order to assign each individual the group rate. Once they have the entire list, they will TRY to assign rooms from your group as close together as possible. WST SPORTS provides you with the easiest and most secure way to accomplish this! You can choose one of three ways to complete your list. You can fill out the list on line with all the names and credit card numbers or you can have each person on your list make his or her own private reservation into the group room block you set up! With WST SPORTS, you will never get involved with another person's credit card information ever again! Just book your rooms and find out how easy it is! WST SPORTS is a secure site through VeriSign!
If I send a rooming list, will ALL my rooms be located right next to one another?
The hotel will do it's best to keep them as close together as possible. Outside factors such as number of rooms on a floor with two double beds, special requests, smoking versus non-smoking and current occupancy all influence your location.
Will the hotel honor my "Special Requests"?
Special Requests will he honored based upon availability on the day of check-in. Non-Smoking room requests should be made on your rooming list. You have a much better chance of getting all non-smoking rooms if your room list is sent in by or before the due date.
Can I guarantee all the rooms by putting one credit card on the rooming list?
Yes, but your room list will have to have your credit card noted by each person's name. Unless you have total control of the rooms, such as a high school or college team, we don't recommend this. If anybody, on your list cancels a room outside the cancellation time policy, your credit card could be charged. It's always better to have everybody on the list with his or her own credit card numbers. With the WST SPORTS room list system it is very easy to have each person make his or her reservation into your room block! You never have to get involved with another person's credit card information again!
The rooming list is due now, but I do not have everyone's credit card number. What should I do?
Reservations will not be accepted without a valid credit card. Either you will need to use your credit card to hold the room or remove the person's name from the list. Send your list in on time! Don't wait for one person to jeopardize the entire group. Check the hotel's Terms and Conditions regarding credit card charges. In most cases, you can hold the room and switch cards when you get to the hotel. Just be sure the person in question IS going! You could be charged if the person does not show up! Remember the hotel has the Right to drop rooms or raise your rate if the rooming list is not received on time.
As a Hotel, will I see the Confirmation Agreement the client signs through WST SPORTS?
Absolutely! You will receive a copy of the confirmation agreement, which states ALL your contracted terms and conditions along with a copy of the room list.
After I send the rooming list to the hotel, can we make changes? If so, whom do we deal with?
As long as you are within the guidelines outlined in the hotel's terms and conditions you can make as many changes as you find necessary right on line from WST SPORTS! You, as the group contact, can always make any changes to anybody on your list by simply going into the booking and clicking on, "edit", "remove", or "cancel". If you have chosen either an "Event Code" or "Send E-Mail Invitations", each person on your list can make his or her own changes by going into the reservation link we provided and "editing" the reservation. If they have misplaced the link, have them call us and we will resend the link! Nobody has a system as easy as WST SPORTS!
How do I get directions to the venue and hotel?
Simply click on the direction link in "Tournament Details", on the right side under "additional resources" and enter the appropriate addresses.